What’s it like to travel in 2021?

We have recently just got back from a wonderful 7 day trip to Croatia, we stayed 2 nights in Split and then went across to Vis Island.

I’ve been asked a lot about what travelling is like with all the restrictions so thought I’d share our experiences and hopefully put your mind at ease.

The airport was not as bad as I thought. We flew from Luton and apart from an hour queue to bag drop, we sailed through security and was able to mooch around the shops before our flight. There are hand sanitiser stations everywhere and it feels really safe. You have to wear your mask as soon as you’re in the airport and on the plane too – the cabin crew did checks to make sure people were wearing them correctly too every now and again.

Here are some of my tips to make sure you have an easy trip:

Follow government guidance

I know it is an obvious one but when at the airport, a couple in front had not taken their tests and therefore had no negative Covid test which you need to fly. They had to do it in the airport but it meant that they were stressing about missing their flight. The government website has included everything you need to do if you visit a red, amber or green country.

Check what the country you’re travelling to need from you

We had to fill out a passenger locator form for Croatia too. We were slightly confused by this form because it mentioned driving so we had to do it in the queue and got the certificate on to my phone.

EasyJet needed to collect them as we landed in Croatia so they hand out the same form to fill out on the plane so you may want to print your passenger locator form off. Pack a pen too as they didn’t hand them out!

Check whether it’s an antigen or PCR test

Some countries will let you in with an antigen test but others want the PCR one. Have your proof ready when you’re checking in. Once it’s been checked at bag drop, they give you a dated sticker for the back of your passport which you can show people when boarding the plane.

Make sure your phone is charged

Airports are letting you show all your forms and negative Covid certificate on your phone now which is a lot easier but just make sure you have enough battery.

Do all your forms before

We left completing our passenger locator form for the UK till the last day to complete and had to do it on the ferry home. It was fine but I would have preferred to have had more time and not do it on my phone.

Research your tests

Croatia was on the green list so I needed to pay for a Day 2 test and show proof of that on my UK passenger locator form. More companies are offering the tests and say that they are only £20 but actually when you click through, they are £59+. I would try and sort out your Day 2 test before you go so you can really look for a better deal. We spent £118 on tests, and £26 on posting! Check reviews too as some companies are charging and not actually sending tests. I recommend Collinson, they’re also the only test providers in airports around the UK.

The airport is getting back to it’s usual self with stores open and more people there travelling around so if you went away last summer you will notice a huge difference. It is so nice to see the travel industry getting back to some normality and the airports in both the UK and abroad make sure it is safe. My main advice is just to make sure you have all your forms and tests and you’ll be absolutely fine.

We were not double vaccinated when we flew to Croatia so the process might be different if you are.

Have you got any holidays booked?

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