How to make the most of your UK winter holiday

I personally think the UK in November and December is beautiful. Granted, we don’t get the Pinterest fall like America but we do get to see the leaves change colour, cold and fresh days with sunny, bright blue skies, and Christmas spirit in the air. For this reason, I think UK winter staycations are amazing. Here are some of my top tips on how to make the most of your break.


UK staycations take a bit longer in terms of research. Some UK breaks may give you ‘The Holiday’ cosy cottage but miles and miles away from anything. It’s always good to spend that extra time finding the best place to stay for you and your family or friends whether you’re looking for more space, cosiness, or kitchen facilities. As weather can sometimes put a dampener on the fun, making sure your accommodation is exactly what you want is very important!

Wrap up, go for a walk and end with a Sunday roast

For me – this is a must! You can check out websites such as Discovering Britain, Walking Britain and National Trust for walking routes around the UK from beginner to more advanced routes. When we visited Whitstable at the beginning of October, we enjoyed a cold walk along the beach and ended in The Old Neptune for some warming food. Bonus points if you find a pub or restaurant with a roaring fire! Taking the time to get outside and be present with the family or friends you’re away with, really does wonders for your mental health.

Use the time to actually switch off

Make sure you make time to switch off, unwind and recharge. Whether that’s slow mornings, treating yourself to dinner in a restaurant or pub or even just finishing your book (with a hot chocolate!) When we go on holiday, we really savour the downtime.

We’ve found that playing board games such as Payday and Cluedo or even puzzles and games online helps us switch off too and they’re good fun. My favourite is Colorush – a puzzle game where you have to get the ball into the right hole but there’s obstacles, one way paths and lots more that makes it harder. I played this game with my 7 year old niece who had fun figuring the game out and was actually better than me! If it’s rainy outside, it’s good to have a one stop place for plenty of entertainment!

Be a tourist

When we go abroad we make the point of going to see every sight possible whereas when we go away in the UK, we don’t make as much as an effort. There’s always something beautiful or interesting to see so enjoy being a tourist for the day! See the landmarks, learn the history, and discover new places to eat. Similarly, I live 30 minutes away from London and when I go into the city now, I plan a day of seeing and doing things we haven’t done before and it feels like I’m having mini breaks everytime.

Have you got any UK holiday breaks planned this winter? What’s your favourite thing about UK holiday breaks?

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