Best places to visit in the USA

America is often on travel bucket lists with so much to see and do in every state, each one completely different to the other. From cities like New York, San Francisco, Austin and natural wonders such as Grand Canyon to Yosemite, and miles and miles of perfect road adventures – there’s something for everyone. Here is our round up of the best places to visit in the USA.

New York

Of course, New York is a must visit. It remains one of the world centres of fashion, theatre, food, music, publishing, advertising and finance, and has an electric buzz like no where else.

Ellis Denning says: “I know it’s obvious but New York! I’m a huge musical theatre nerd and their shows are unrivalled in talent and production. I see a lot of West End shows but it’s not the same, you just can’t beat Broadway and even Off Broadway.”

Las Vegas

One of those places you have to visit to see for yourself. The casinos, the bright lights, fine restaurants and experiences like no other.

Fully Money agrees: “I love Vegas, I just love the grandeur of everything. Everything just seems larger than life and so grand. I’ll never forget the view of the water display from the Bellagio hotel, felt like a real life movie moment!!”

The Kennedy Space Center

Toothbrush Packed recommends visiting The Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. “There’s lots to explore and learn about space and space exploration. We particularly enjoyed the ‘meet the astronaut’ talk where they have different former astronauts come in every day to talk about space and what it takes to become an astronaut.”

Kona Hawaii

Cotswold Lifestyle loves Kona Hawaii. “They hold the World Ironman Championships early October every year. An extreme triathlon event that’s becoming more popular. It’s called the Big Island 🏝 you can take a boat out and see whales and sea turtles, it’s a stunning place.” 

The Everglades

Crystal Brook recommends The Everglades, an unique treasure in South Florida and the largest remaining subtropical wilderness in the country. “The Everglades was a great experience for the habitat and wildlife – apart from the mosquitoes!”

Washington DC

If you love American history, then you’ll love exploring Washington whether it’s climbing the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech or visiting the Vietnam War Memorial.

New England

Famous for hillsides that blaze with crimsons, oranges and yellows leaves and a favourite on Instagram and Pinterest for those Autumnal aesthetic pictures.

Disney World, Florida

It’s called the Happiest Place on Earth for a reason! From incredible rides, nostalgia in buckets spotting your favourite Disney characters, seeing the Disney castle in the distance, watching their epic firework displays and so much more, you really do have a big smile on your face the whole time you’re there.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, also known as the Windy City, will blow you away with its architecture, lakefront beaches, world-class museums. You’ll also enjoy great food, whether that’s trying their pizza or one of their top restaurants!

Grand Canyon

A natural wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being one of the most spectacular places in the world, and even controls it’s own temperature, the Grand Canyon is an absolute must-see and one that pictures or words don’t do justice.

There’s lots of incredible places to see in America and we can’t wait to book a trip to the USA soon to visit some more. Where would you like to visit the most in America?

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