Best places to go surfing in the UK

Whilst it might not be exactly like surfing in places like Australia or California, the UK has some fantastic surfing beaches and when the sun shines, you do feel like you are abroad. Here are some of our favourites places to go surfing in the UK that guarantee great days enjoying the waves and learning or finessing the skill.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

One of Cornwall’s most stunning, sandy beaches and when sun shines, it’s hard to believe you’re in the UK. It’s a good family spot and has the most consistent breaks in Cornwall. You can visit the world-class Sennen Surf School to get some lessons and once you’re all surfed out you can stop by the nearby cafe for refuel.

Perranporth, Cornwall

Cornwall has lots of great surfing beaches it’s hard to whittle them down but Perranporth is definitely worth a visit. Perranporth beach picks up plenty of swell with the biggest waves piling into Penhale. This surfing spot is better for intermediate surfers although there is also a surfing school nearby if you wanted to learn from the pros.

Lewis, Outer Hebrides

The perfect white sandy beach spot if you’re looking for consistent waves (it’s on the eastern edge of the Altantic) and warmer sea water (can reach 16 degrees thanks to the Gulf Stream) The swells and breaks are definitely more suited to experienced surfers and novices should be wary on going surfing alone here.

Woolacombe, Devon

If you’re a beginner, Woolacombe is perfect for you with mellow beach breaks. The beach stretches for 3 miles so it’s easier to avoid the crowds.

Portstewart Strand Northern Ireland  

Another fantastic surfing spot for beginners, as this beach provides some of the gentlest waves in Northern Ireland, especially in the middle. For more experienced surfers, head to either end for quality waves.

Where are your favourite places to surf?

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