5 best travel tips for flying

It’s always easy to spot the people who have mastered the art of traveling, those who look calm, collected and organised and breeze through the airport. For us, we feel like the holiday starts when you get to the airport and to make sure you enjoy the process from the get go, we’ve shared our 5 best travel tips no matter if you’re flying short or long haul.

Get organised

An obvious one but one that makes the biggest difference, especially traveling in 2021 where you have to provide more documents. Whether you prefer printing out or downloading apps make sure you have them all to hand. With documents printed out, use different coloured small sticky notes tabs so it’s easy to pull out the ones needed instead of shuffling through them all. One hack Travel Around Planet loves is screenshotting everything from the app (test results, locator forms, boarding pass etc) so it’s on your camera roll and easier to access and then you can quickly swipe through instead of opening and closing apps.

Prepare for security checks

Every one knows that the security checks can take the longest and this is why we love to be prepared. If you’re taking hand luggage, you can double check exactly what you can bring with you online before traveling and then pack accordingly. Typically, liquids all go into a see-through plastic bag. You can pick up see-through plastic bags (better for the environment too) from Primark and pack all your liquids into there. You can also buy travel sized bottles for your favourite products that are too big for hand luggage. Make sure you place the bag into the front outside compartment of your suitcase or an easy to reach place so you can get through security as quickly as possible.


If you’re someone who gets bored easily, whether it’s a 2 hour flight or 12 hours, bring some options. When traveling, I usually have the kindle app on my phone with new books downloaded, headphones, and films/my favourite TV shows downloaded onto my phone/app so I know I can keep myself entertained, just in case in-flight long haul entertainment isn’t what I fancy!

Comfortable clothes

It’s important you travel in comfort and with so many stylish loungewear options now you can definitely do this. Airplanes are known to be either too hot or too cold so try to have layers to put on/take off. I always have a cardigan or jumper rolled into my hand luggage.

Be honest

Recently, anxiety presented itself as an upset stomach which could then impact traveling. I am working on improving this but when we recently flew to Croatia, I tried to pretend I was okay as I wanted to just ‘get over’ it. Whilst this can work in some ways, I didn’t have anything to hand to help so this caused more panic. If you have something similar or travel sickness or anxiety around flying, be honest that it might happen and pack everything you need and then tell yourself it’s there just in case.

What is your ultimate traveling tip?

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