10 tips for the perfect UK road trip

The UK is full of amazing places to visit that you may not even realise are here. When we visit countries abroad, we take the time and effort to explore new places whereas we don’t really do that in the UK.

As Summer of 2021 approaches, we are, like many, going to holiday in the UK. As the UK is easy to travel around by car, we’re planning road trips and staying in accommodation along the way. However, if you want to embrace van life, Camp Too is a great place to book a stay in a camper van or converted van.

We’re sharing some of our top tips for the perfect UK road trip!

  1. Do all your checks before setting off – it’s an obvious one but definitely make sure you take the time to check everything from oil, petrol etc.
  2. Have a outline of your journey, including starting point and end point. Some of our favourite road trips have been around Scotland, Cornwall’s coast, London (hire a car at the other side) to Stonehenge to Cambridge
  3. Know your outline and book your accommodation for the start and end as you’ll know these dates in advance, whilst giving you the flexibility to stay and visit other places along the way.
  4. Have an idea of key things you want to see – maybe you want to do a historical tour of the UK or a beach tour. It’s a good to have this in mind when planning your route so you don’t try and cram everything in. This will help you plan a general route with major stops.
  5. If you’re traveling in a van, there are apps such as iOverlander and Park4night that can help you find places to stay.
  6. Agree on who will be driving when so that if you’re traveling with more than 1 person, you can make sure you’re all rested.
  7. Be realistic about how long you’ll drive everyday.
  8. There are lots of service stations along the way in the UK but it is a good idea to be aware of the ones on your journey so you can take regular breaks to avoid over-tiredness and also for a comfort break.
  9. Be aware of extra costs of a road trip such as tolls, rental costs (if you’re hiring your car), parking charges.
  10. Pack light if you’re doing a road trip. You’ll be able to get most of your toiletries and anything you’ve forgotten in most places in the UK.
  11. Playlists – a very important part of the road trip is making sure you have playlists ready for all different moods.
  12. Food – whilst food is very easy to buy in the UK, you might want to keep some snacks to hand in case you need a break.

What tip would you add for your perfect UK road trip? We’ll be sharing more about holidaying in Camper Vans soon.

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